The Joker and the Queen


I am sitting in my room. The window is open and the smell of freshly cut grass wafts in. I can hear him, over my earphones, engaged in a meaningless argument with my mother. The neon blue paint on my left index finger is chipping. My dad is arguing about something on the phone as Carla Bruni gets louder. A brainless grey butterfly, the size of my thumb, adds the special effects by hitting herself incessantly from the outside of the window. I look to my left and see him standing at the door. Laughter and pretentious mockery escaping his eyes.


2 responses to “The Joker and the Queen

  • todaysnewsart

    I really liked this, actually. Very imaginative. I love everything strange–like brainless butterflies. They are also glorified maggots. Crazy laughter surrounds us sometimes–overwhelmingly, I admit.

  • andrew

    Strangely enough, neon blue paint is peeling from my finger as well. Its a good color.

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