Utopian Devastation

It’s a utopian devastation o’ mother
they don’t teach no more
how to love my brother

I hide myself in rhyme
oh how grand are these
enchanting times!

The roads are dirty with grime
I can’t breathe simply sometimes,
people turn their air conditions on
can’t bear the sunshine for too long,
it’s a shame to shun nature
some folks have the greens
and they revel in their mansions
oh father, hast thou entangled yourself in greed?

It’s a utopian devastation o’mother
Men want to see her titties uncovered
five bucks in cash, and she would agree,
the star spangled banner is blue and white
think of the children whose innocence has died,
not that i care if you can talk
but noise hurts my ears as much as the words you
say that breaks my heart,

It’s a threadbare cover;
this progressive beat
demolishes the spectre on the street,
so you want to practice what you preach,
turn down that moral chatter
a couple of levels beneath
before you turn cold like a fish in defeat
don’t uphold standards that would
make the devil come alive in deceit
you moral creep,

It’s a utopian devastation o’sister,
they have told us not to love one another
but I gave my heart to her, him, I and it,
So shall we not dance to the %^*@(? (senseless deed)
oh lost joy; humiliation and defeat?

It’s a utopian devastation o’ humanity,
take off those shoes
that burden your feet.


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