When the evening touches your heart

When the evening touches your heart
as we two in our feelings walk in spiral swaying steps
colored red, orange, and gaining a purple dense,
hands moving to and fro measured in a steady pace
a solitary happiness celebrating the cherished oneness,
of dreamy day dreams in daylight hours,
that spectacular energy infused imagination
waiting to be delivered with exhaled breath,
when this soft gaining twilight brings a smile
that reaches so beautifully to your eyes,
awakening humor around a passive mouth,
rekindling fire of ambition’s ambiance
with which the setting sun caresses the sky
blue ancient yet renewing in color tinged light,
when the evening touches your heart’s weary strings
you begin to live anew,
when this setting and words invoke a melodious tune,
are you ready to breathe in deep the memories of rising moon?
with whiffs of ebbing organe gold
when the retreating sun will make you bold.


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