Clothe my soul

Clothe my soul with love
Unhurried and deliberate
Like patience inebriate.

With your eyes
Watch what I do not say
At times stuck in an erratic
Symphony of mistakes,
I love my silence that moves
Me like the falling rain
On the petal of your endearments,

Consume me like a rare cuisine
Course by course and never question
The ingredients out of which I was prepared
How could I define a multiple-faced sanity?
Or my madness that in mischief sways
Like a flower-testing honey bee?

If life comes for free
Why does my heart sometimes weep?
When I am blissfully happy
Redeem the price with tears
I juggle the paradox of such fears
That depletes the value of simplicity.

Cloud my eyes with apparitions
House me in your cherished moments
Lest I be over when you awaken

Discovered in between the lines
Of a poem,
I was but a tune
Your lute had stolen.


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