No Fear

I would like to thank Chuck (aka Doctori Sadisco) for gifting me a signed copy of his wonderful book, and even though I had not had enough time to sit down and read deeply the work he had shared over a month ago, here I am turning pages and reading into Doctori’s subtle messages conveyed in verse. I read his words at a perfect time in my life when I am in need of a fresh perspective, some hope, and a better vision of who we are as people. What Chuck manages to do is follow his inner voice, the mysterious images and meanings birthed from lyrical words, you not only enjoy the music in the poem but also the message. How rare is that? Most of us get lost in trying to create the perfect poem, so we either destroy the music by rigid structures or lose the meaning and deliver an empty sentence that is just structurally perfect.

I found the following words speaking to me directly:  

“To remain in the days
Which gifted you with love
The angry days must pass
And the futile days and
The frail ones bent and broken
Full of sorrow and remorse
Not because your soul has wings
But for the rising flame of that love
Which took you from womb and carried you
Day after long day you woke
To the world and took your first step

So now take the next step
Deeper into love where your salvation
Isn’t with a God but is inside your own heart”

(p. 27, Sonnet XXVII, No Fear – Doctori Sadisco)

What a valuable gift these words are, priceless and to be cherished and read in times of darkness and need. Thank you, Doc.

Don’t hesitate to get a copy of No Fear and enjoy these wonderful sonnets!


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