If it was words that made love
I would be the proud owner of
A rich beautiful ancestry

If it was silence that engulfed
Your body in this warmth of my heart
Singing a chorus of its dreams,

Life like my pages
Would over-turn
earth-quake and
Tumble over weed and grass
Like wind recreates moon in the waters,
Stir ants despondent into stages of

If the sky changed colors
And waltzed with the branches

And Homer awoke from
Long arduous sleep blinking heard his
Bones Rattle,
The antonym of Buddha’s dogma
Would expostulate joy = positive life.

When frustration would compel
A frizzy head of over-dense hair
Hands rove the planet and fight the rooted
Sense of logic
Preserve reason with fragile care,

If I was a pen
And smeared the white sheet
Drew Words, began my life
From A for Am, B for Being,
If life were ink.

Each heart would bear
Permanent stamp
my finger print.


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