This Circumference

slowly it sinks deep
this thought, a moment
when truth itself unveils
the unbearable ache of grasping
your dream.

and you find the grass not
so insignificant or small
the little bugs seem suddenly
important, a part of the whole

as if in a breath of a second
in the abdomen of time
life suddenly opened a window
and showed you a strange sight
you whispered, ‘unbelievable’
it was a divine sign.

you used to think in terms of
black and white,
too many colors confuse
reduce our power of making a choice
but I was a rainbow personified,

we could never be,
unless for the evening
between the day and night
covered under the mantle of

should you choose to
give up your sight for my vision
my heart for your reason,
there might just be a chance
for love in every season.


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