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This coming and going

We arrive so often
In this place:
Circling like vultures upon their prey,
We have stood still and departed
Hands shaking
Thinking of evils to come, mourning the ones that have passed
Sublimating our conscience,
We have committed crimes
Attempting the masquerade of life
So often
In this race toward the end.


alphabets de nostalgie

Perhaps we are not meant to understand
What is to love
Until we lose, 

The ocean drifts aimlessly
Like a gypsy who has no need
To recall where she has been,

Waves surface and recede
The night air caresses my hair
Parting them from the shoulder blade, 

There is a reminiscence of your breath
That greets my skin
A nostalgic arrival –
Warming blush,  

Between a hitched breath
The diaspora of a slant descent
Flight of sea gulls
Circling over our love scent.

après vous, mon beau langage*

this sunset
in your eyes
my love.

*(from Introduction au Discours sur le peu de réalité by Andre Breton)

si tu savais

[through the woods we came
the winds of fortune
holding on to the sails
the birds were dancing]

my name is made up of
but i have not learned it yet

he calls me princess

but i am a queen

these nights
full of

c’est mais mon cherie
……si tu savais…

Sunshine and Starlight

Perhaps we should single her out
she has a way with words
If she would only talk,

Now carry her heart in a velvet box
Sprinkle petals of roses on her scars.
She will dance for you into an art,

Mix a cup of sunshine, two spoonfuls of starlight,
A pinch of daisy, and cajole those ears,

Shall I count to ten, begin one with a kiss
On her palm, and two on a shoulder,
Three would cover the slope of the neck,
While four miladies
We won’t tell,
Five onto the dust speckled dots
Six like a charging bull
On a red mark,
Seven if you lean in
And whisper softly
Eight may be the deal maker
Nine inchin forward
Ten hold her close
And never part.