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alphabets de nostalgie

Perhaps we are not meant to understand
What is to love
Until we lose, 

The ocean drifts aimlessly
Like a gypsy who has no need
To recall where she has been,

Waves surface and recede
The night air caresses my hair
Parting them from the shoulder blade, 

There is a reminiscence of your breath
That greets my skin
A nostalgic arrival –
Warming blush,  

Between a hitched breath
The diaspora of a slant descent
Flight of sea gulls
Circling over our love scent.


après vous, mon beau langage*

this sunset
in your eyes
my love.

*(from Introduction au Discours sur le peu de réalité by Andre Breton)

si tu savais

[through the woods we came
the winds of fortune
holding on to the sails
the birds were dancing]

my name is made up of
but i have not learned it yet

he calls me princess

but i am a queen

these nights
full of

c’est mais mon cherie
……si tu savais…

Sunshine and Starlight

Perhaps we should single her out
she has a way with words
If she would only talk,

Now carry her heart in a velvet box
Sprinkle petals of roses on her scars.
She will dance for you into an art,

Mix a cup of sunshine, two spoonfuls of starlight,
A pinch of daisy, and cajole those ears,

Shall I count to ten, begin one with a kiss
On her palm, and two on a shoulder,
Three would cover the slope of the neck,
While four miladies
We won’t tell,
Five onto the dust speckled dots
Six like a charging bull
On a red mark,
Seven if you lean in
And whisper softly
Eight may be the deal maker
Nine inchin forward
Ten hold her close
And never part.

Show Not Tell