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At night when everything and everyone is still and quiet I can hear my heart beating in my chest.  It is the most beautiful sound in the world.



Keep life simple
Articulate thoughts with clarity
Give affection where and to whom it is due,
What else is there to live by
in a world of chaos and calamity?

discussing the anatomy of a stillborn child

I spend my days
gazing at the stars,

and listening
to my heart

the night rebels
in darkness
and teases the moon
with shadows,

I hide in the coverlet
of sleep
never to be found
dissolute in this
hyphenated sentence –
whose idea was it; this world?
to brave the seperation
of this unholy descent.

running up the stairs

running up the stairs
a million difficult steps…

somewhere in this breathless race
i stop for a minute
to wonder why
i make these excuses
and hide
from myself.

poets are like cement mechanics

they try to break the mold.