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some poems do not need a title, this might be one

he asked me what I had been writing lately
but because I was so uninspired
my reply came out in the form of a white lie,

I narrated to him,
how I had found a green caterpillar
living on the outside of my windowsill,
it had fifty legs on each side of his body,
and it was very long
like my fingers,

He was laughing
and I was lying more

I said,
I saw an old man with a very handsome face
in the supermarket buying food
which he would not be able to eat,
because all his teeth were gone,
there was only two or three
but very yellow like an egg yolk,

then he knew I had lied too much,
so I asked him how he was doing
he said, I should know
because I make him so – and – so

I told him I did not write a lot
just some thoughts in my head
and they did not want to come out yet.


February Ping Pong with Guy ‘Dhyan’ Traiber & Sana Rafiq

You can read the interview of my friend, Guy ‘Dhyan’ Traiber on LiteraryMary!

We talk about culture, countries, writing, and ourselves!

Dhyan writes on his blog:

Prettiness incarnate




i was about to write something,
i have nothing to say.

the first flower of spring smells the sweetest

my blog shall be on a short hiatus. but i will be back here when it begins to rainĀ and i need a roof.