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Zaum Magazine

I am excited to announce that my poem ‘If sleep was a bird’ was published in  Zaum Magazine from Sonoma State University. I would like to thank Amber Nelson (poetry editor at Zaum) who initially announced they were accepting submissions. The judges carried out a blind review and I was excited to get an acceptance email from them! : )


Beautiful music from the far east…

LiteraryMary Journal


LiteraryMary, journal of the beautiful, unusual and eclectic, is now available for pre-order through this link.

A New Art


Fingers trace the edges of her smooth skin

above that fissure where pleasures moan

and rivers surge,


Thought floats like a feather

in the dimness

of the room,


She shifts and uncovers her body

The chill hits her like an iceberg.


Legs entangled between sheets

Breathing vaporises into mist
Sleep overcomes.